U.S. American Federal (Department of Justice) [DOJ]

Updated: 05/27/2022 @ Approx. 22:01

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) #1: (American Constitutional Case Law - All Databases from all Computer Generation Administrations) - Criminal & Civil Intranet of Resources and Case Law (Organized as is in The Digital Vault of The FBI which belongs to WE THE PEOPLE, zero exceptions).

Initial FOIA Request Sent: 2020-2021 (I have to track it down) (Far too long of a wait; 100% Overthrown U.S. American Constitutional Republic) -- Enemies: Sitting at home with Laptops and Corporate Servers with all OUR American Data and American Government Constitutionally Mandated Operations 24/7/365 abandoned for a Foreign Criminal NOTWITHSTANDING Government, zero exceptions.

FOIA Request: All U.S. Department of Justice digital documents, files regarding Criminal and Civil American Constitutional and Supreme Stare Decisis Precedent Mandatory Case Law (Which belongs to the people); all Years of Administrations since 1990's (Minimum) to Current + Date of Release. Intranet Data (All)

Initital FOIA Request Sent @ Approx. 00:00

U.S. American Freedom of Information Act Portal for U.S. Constitutionally Mandated Federal Agency - Department of Justice (DOJ) which must be in congruent of "this Constitution" per U.S. Const. Article VI. (September 17, 1787), which is the Supreme Law of The Land.

U.S. American Federal Government URL: https://www.fda.gov/regulatory-information/freedom-information/how-make-foia-request

U.S. American Federal Government FOIA Portal URL: https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/foi/FOIRequest/index.cfm